Monday, February 1, 2016

Tempe Transfer

Mom and Dad,

Thank you for praying for me. I was moved to Tempe on Saturday night, someone went home and so they needed a new companion. Also Elder Wessman couldn't handle being a trainer, so President decided to send me here.

I'm with Elder Cahoon now, he is from Boston. He is a nice guy, and I'm catching up on my training, I will probably be here next transfer as well. We are in Tempe in an area called Guadalupe, it's the South West part of the city. 

I got the packages you seen me, thank you very much! I will put them to good use. The probiotics were what I need more of! I'll be good on salmon oil though, I found 2 more bottles in my suit case, and I found the D3 spray bottle and the B12.

Sorry to hear you are ill mom, I'll be praying for you. Keep taking care of your body and praying! How is your exercising going? You eating healthy?

Yeah I'm sure Elder Vincent Will appreciate that. Last I heard he was doing ok.

The guy you sent a card to was my friend Justin. I played games with him on the computer a lot. He lives in Massachusetts.

A Sister missionary broke her back last P-Day. Not sure where she was in the mission, I think they were playing tag or something, and she climbed up on a play structure and fell off. She is fine though, not paralyzed or anything, just from what I heard she was in a lot of pain. They performed surgery, sent her home, she will be going through physical therapy and plans on coming back out in 2 months. You should pray for her, that she gets better. District, and Zone P-Days are banned now. No more basketball, sports, dunes, etc. hopefully this is only temporary though.

Sounds like Dustin and Teresa had a cool trip! I miss Kona sounds like you too are having a fun time! It sucks down here, we have lots of stray animals around even in Tempe, can't do anything. I think I care about the animals here more than the people. I might try and volunteer at a humane society, but when I asked for permission to volunteer at that Therapeutic Horse farm in Yuma the APs shot it down because we would be working around animals. I never realized how coddled the missions are! Was Nate's like that? I heard about all the snow the east got, pretty crazy. I would be disappointed to if I were Dustin! Got a bike and you don't even get to use it! I miss the snow a lot, the weather is boring here. Today actually reminded me of Michigan though, cloudy and gloomy. I don't really care for Arizona haha, definitely don't want to live here.

Yeah God will help you with your school work definitely, just do your best and have Faith God, He will help you make up the rest. If you do that and still fail, maybe you weren't supposed to pass. I will continue to pray for you that school goes well. You should watch the 'Will of God' Mormon Message, it's one of my favorites.

I like living in an apartment with just me and my companion a lot better. It's way less annoying.

Love you! I know Gods watching out for you Mom, keep praying and doing your best, everything will work out!

Elder Colligridge

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